Lisa N. Evans, Founder and Inspire-er

Personal mission:  To Make a Positive Impact and Inspire the World 

"I choose to wrap my world in positivity! I choose to BE,

to Be Inspired, and to Be Great!  You can too!"


In this world of challenge, negativity, constant reminders of things gone bad and what is not working – Lisa strives to bring a brighter light to those with whom she connects.  Her energy is infectious, and she works to give others hope and help them to reestablish a belief in who they are and what they can achieve.

In 2002, on a plane ride back to Cleveland while working for another company – the word VERGE was brought into her consciousness.  At the time, she had no idea what that meant but wrote the word down drawing an arrow pointed up.  Two years later the foundation of VERGE was born through LNE & Associates and in 2008 VERGE Inc was established and has worked endlessly to assist individuals in Cuyahoga County to connect to the workforce.

With more than a decade of experience in Human Services and Workforce Development, Lisa has been able to share her skills, talents and services with individuals who are dissatisfied with dependent lifestyles that limit their ability to become self-sufficient. Her natural ability to communicate to those trapped in the cycle of dependency is her greatest asset – and theirs. 

Lisa specializes in case management, personal/professional skills training, placement, and retention. She is a certified trainer for The Pacific Institute (Seattle, WA), trained in process mapping through the Center for Workforce Learning, and skilled in placement and retention. 


She has worked with disadvantaged populations since 1998 assisting them with job placement, career advising, goal setting, and life skills.  She actively assists with community organizations working with various cause-oriented activities.  Her strengths include creating vision, inspiring fellow entrepreneurs, creating solutions for socio-economic ills, program management, and ensuring that excellence in service delivery is achieved in anything in which she is engaged.  

Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, Lisa relocated to Cleveland in 1998. She graduated from Kent State University majoring in Political Science & Pre-law with a minor in Sociology.  She also studied graduate level Organizational Development through Kent State and Cleveland State University.  She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Lisa continues to actively volunteer in the community. She also enjoys traveling and writing.

In 2018, after a series of life-challenging experiences Lisa had an intense moment of clarity that sparked a deep dive into self-exploration and a desire to do more with her life.  Lisa wanted to create more deliberate and lasting impacts in the world and helping others with that vehicle to make it happen becoming Be Inspired, Be Great!

Who Me? Yup, Miss LNE 

Our Focus 

First let’s look at what we are not:  This is not a movement, it is not motivational speech, it is not a push by a social media ‘influencer’.  

Be Inspired, Be Great is working to transform the ‘how’ we go about our daily lives from a tendency to solely focus on ‘what’s in it for me’ toward an awareness that together we achieve more.  Aristotle implicitly stated that, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” In other words, when individual parts (or people) are connected together, there is more value than if the parts (the people) were in by themselves.

  • Positive messaging. Be Inspired, Be Great is best described as a production that connects messaging, people, activities, and actions to create positive impacts in our world.

  • Support for Your Personal and Professional Goals.  Be Inspired, Be Great is a vehicle to help dreamers, do-ers, and want-to-be-ers connect with real information, real opportunities, and real encouragement in a safe place.

  • Network and Connections to Like-minded Individuals.  Be Inspired, Be Great is a gathering place for people who need a little push and for those who can spare some time to do a little pushing.  

  • Creating Opportunities To ‘Do Good’.  Be Inspired, Be Great provides opportunities to make positive impacts on the world.