Oh Bey!

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

You ever find yourself traveling along listening to some good music, when all of a sudden Beyoncé comes on the radio and rocks your whole day. She might be singing about running the world or being a diva, either way she inspires millions to live their best life despite their challenges or life situations.

So with that being said - now back to my story. It was a bright sunny day as I was driving on the highway heading to the store. It was a Sunday. I was looking good. Feeling fine. Starring in my own personal movie. When Beyonce popped onto my radio.

“Ok Bey! I started bopping along to the beat, then I started singing with her, next I found myself actually hearing the words she so eloquently connected to hypnotic rhythms.”

I wrote my 9 to 5, gotta cop my check…who run the world girls” Oh exactly Beyonce! I am out here running my own little part of he world. I think she and I are on the same page let’s run this! Then she sings about reppin’ her city Houston. I can feel that! I’m going to rep the Yo too! (That would be Youngstown – Y-town. Don’t get it twisted. “You wake up flawless….I woke up like this”. Didn’t I girl? I am flawless. Now I am feeling good and what comes on…Crazy In Love and all I can think of is what me and my mom call the “uh oh” dance. Let me bounce a little bit so I can get my dance on.

But ya know, Bey can also have you putting your man out the house too. If I ever have to end a relationship I actually will be packing his things in a box to the left! Yeah boy, me and Bey are not thinking about you Sorry (I’m ain’t sorry) you can go ahead and call Becky with the good hair. Then Bey will inspire you to grab a bat and go Apesh$% on someone’s car windshield. No wait a minute – I am mixing two songs together. Let’s revisit this I would rather just think that my guy would be putting “Love On Top” so I can smile ear to ear too!

Thanks Beyonce! Whenever I need a little bit of inspiration, I can always count on you to have a song for any mood I’m in. If I am ready to kick it, to find love, or get my grind on while I am creating an empire my girl has a moment of inspiration for me.

Now have a toast to the good life – Let’s go!

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