My Crayola Color Is . . .?

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

So I was listening to the news this morning. I find it interesting to know that in a public hearing one of our government leaders in 2020 took the time to remind me that I was colored.

Just what color am I sir? Intrigued, I decided to go to one of the worlds most trusted authorities on color - Crayola!

Checking out this ultimate crayon collection box of over 152 crayons, I am sure that I must be able to find my 'color'. I take one and hold it up to my arm - nothing! After trying to match several of them to my skin tone - guess what! (It's probably not a surprise to a few enlightened individuals) but none of these colors match. In the year 2020, I find it interesting that a state senator, who was elected using our 'fair' electoral system; who is supposed to represent a diverse population of people for the state he represents - is still of a limiting mindset and utilizing language that unfairly compiles the multiculturalism our society into a single label that is - 'colored' people.

Well sir! You are somewhat correct. Scientifically speaking and psychologically referenced facts uncover colors as symbols. Cues to how we feel, live, and exist. So since color has been connected this way, let me explain my 'color' to you.

I am not one shade of brown, beige, orange, tan, or black. I fact my skin tone includes many colors kissed by the sun. Taking a look at me much deeper than my skin tone would introduce you to a variety of colors that shape my world.

Sometimes I am red - full of energy, passion and love, but I can also feel things that are intense with a little aggressive. I channel my 'red' colors to achieve success and make positive impacts on the world.

Sometimes I am Yellow - filled with optimism, hope, and happiness. Yet I can also feel betrayed and watchful of potential hazards. I use my yellow color as caution to take a step back and assess my next steps.

Sometimes I am Green - I take my health seriously, vibrant, seeker of balance. And on the flipside can show my inexperience with things that are new or challenges in my environment that need to be addressed. My color green is my 'go' - my make it happen.

Sometimes I am Blue - peace, calm, harmony is where I live. Sometimes it brings solemness and introspection. When I am in my color blue I am where I think.

Now I would be remiss not to mention the color to whom I am so commonly tied if you look at my face. I would be mistaken not to highlight the color that is the source of reference if you describe me to another. Black. My black is powerful, it is elegance, it is depth. Sometimes it builds sadness, anonymity, fear, and mystery. My black is a mixture of all colors combined - which make me a whole person full of emotion, realness, and fully human. So if being 'colored' is meant to be some slighted definition. Reexamine what color is - my color is richness in character, strength in struggle, resilience in challenge, and power of love.

So now with all that being said - just where is my crayon in this box?

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