To BE! or Not to ‘BE’! (is more an option than a question)

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

I like to wear high heels, dresses, and jewelry. I like to keep my hair curled and my lips glossed. I love a classy handbag no matter the price - $1.00 or multiple dollars. I keep my fingers and toes polished. I would rather smile than frown. I say thank you. I make it a habit to compliment others. I have a million ideas on how to impact the world (and positively conquer it – Pinky and the Brain style!)

“People who know me – understand that I am nice by nature. I am self-less, giving, and always willing to jump in and help someone else. These same people around me –really take an interest in protecting me from unscrupulous people. They worry that I may be taken advantage of and ‘used’ (but I tend to think I am smarter than that!)”

Team members I work with refer to me as a unicorn with glitter and rainbows. I like to think I am a one-of-a-kind person who brings the happy and still believes that people are ultimately good.

A guy-friend of mine would say I that when I walked in there was sunshine and sprinkles (like on cupcakes). Frosting is good, cupcakes are sweet, but the sprinkles are the topping that makes everything better. And sunshine – how good does it feel to run out into the world on a sunshiny day? Amazing!.

Yes!! I am sprinkles and sunshine!

Who actually looks forward to being sad? Who wants to be around negativity? I don’t know many people who would willingly sign up to feel down. In fact, I don’t know personally know any people. I like to bring the bright side, the silver lining to a world that is bombarded with doom and gloom on a daily basis.

Turn on any electronic device with a screen and in less than 2 minutes I guarantee you will come in contact with an image, a story, a sound-bite that causes you to cringe. You will come in contact with a moment that causes you to step back and re-evaluate your current situation.

That’s where I come in – spreading my unique brand of sprinkles and sunshine. Adding cheer to the grey skies that cloud your world. Shining a light on the bright side. Guess what? I am living in my purpose! To help inspire others in ways that can be big or small. To bring an alternative head-up perspective to thoughts that may have a single-minded focus trending downward.

I learned to BE! To “be” my best ME.

What I am bringing to this world of Be Inspired, Be Great is an assurance that you are ok! That doesn’t mean that everyday is wonderful. It doesn’t mean that you don’t experience setbacks or challenges. What it DOES mean is that you have learned that the state of ‘BE’ing is the place where you are comfortable being you. Where you can step back and appreciate who you are and where you are. The moment when you can appreciate lessons learned in life. ‘BE’ing is recognizing that any personal improvements you make, any changes you do, and experiences you create are not done because you are unhappy with yourself. ‘BE’ing is knowing that the moves you make enhance your life to become an even greater version of yourself. Your turn! Let’s Go!

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